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Good service at Coolblue

Some webshops have a bad reputation when it comes to after sales service and repairs.

2 weeks ago I bought the Samsung Galaxy S II (SGS2) at the, one of the shops of CoolBlue. After filling out the order form I was able to pick up the telephone at their shop in Antwerp where I work close by. One of the packs they introduced was the SGS2 together with a case, car adapter and a screenprotector.

After configuring the phone I noticed some people I talked to were complaining about feedback of their own voice what made the conversation very hard. After removing the case from the phone it seems to be better but there still was some feedback on the background. After searching around on the net I found a lot of people complaining about the feedback with their brand new SGS2. Most of the time the complaint was when using a case. The first solution off course is not to use the case. But I just bought a 500 euro phone with a case so I wouldn’t damage the screen to soon.

After some searching I found a post on the XDA Developers forum where is explained how the isolation of the speaker is not completely tight so the sound vibrations are caught by the case and transported to the microphone. The noise reduction will turn up the volume for the other party returning their own voice in an echo. The solution is to place a damper between the speaker and the body of the phone. But this implied I had to open up my brand new phone and crossing the rules stated in the warranty.

I contacted CoolBlue by the customer service page on their website hoping for a quick solution. I received a few minutes later a confirmation email and later that day an email with a ticket attached. With that ticket I could, free of charge, return the phone by the postal service. Because I work close to the shop, I stepped into the shop instead of mailing them the phone. The guy at the customer service desk was friendly and was happy to replace my phone with a brand new one. We attached the case in the store and did some test calls. No echo anymore and a happy customer back on his way.

It’s that professional behavior that makes a customer trust an organization. Thumbs up for CoolBlue.