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Getting ready for TechEd Europe 2012

Only 2 weeks from now and a new edition of Tech Ed Europe starts, this time in Amsterdam. The last Tech Ed Europe was in Berlin in the cold month of November 2010. Feedback from most visitors was to organize a new edition in the summer instead of the winter. Microsoft listened to this and skipped a 2011 edition to be back with a summer 2012 edition.

Where software developers and IT pro’s had a separate conference in the past, from 2012 on they share the venue. It has his advantages but also his disadvantages. Flipping through the different session on this year’s conference, it’s hard to find the good developer sessions that we had in the past.

Ok, I don’t have to exaggerate. There more than enough developer sessions for Azure developers, Sharepoint developers, … For the .Net core developer with a focus on web development in ASP.NET it’s harder to find the best sessions. On the first session slot I could only find Visual Studio Tips & Tricks for example. Of course I will pick up something new in these sessions with the Visual Studio 12 release coming up but I prefer the more technical sessions.

Luckily the conference is 5 days long with a lot of interesting sessions and other professionals to meet. And that in the lovely city of Amsterdam, it could be worse !!