Tech session jQuery and ASP.NET

This month we organized a bunch of jQuery Tech sessions for our colleagues at the ABC-Groep where we are working for the company Ace, the Microsoft .NET company of the group. After some introduction to jQuery sessions we had yesterday the jQuery and ASP.NET, how to AJAX session. A few of the subjects that we handled are already on this blog.

The rest of the subjects will follow soon.

Until then here are the presentation and the demos of the jQuery and ASP.NET, how to AJAX session.

[UPDATE] All the source code used in the demo are placed on GitHub:

  • Presentation
  • Demo AJAX vs JQuery
  • Demo ASMX – Web Forms
  • Demo MVC
  • Demo WCF
  • Demo WEB API (including using jQuery Templates plugin and the jQueryUI autocomplete dropdown)

Keep in mind that the demos where focused on the technical implementation of AJAX calls to the different ASP.NET stacks. Therefor there has been no time spend on layout and presentation in the demos.

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